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د.طارق دلبح

Dr. Tareq Dalbah

Founder of Arab Therapy

How did the idea start?

While working as a psychiatrist in Germany, a country whose culture and language are different from ours, I always found joy in the faces of the clients of Arab origin when they knew that their psychiatrist was someone who understood their mother tongue language, culture, and religion, as I always heard the phrase “Alhamdulillah! Finally, I can now talk to a psychiatrist who understands me.”

In light of the increase in mental disorders and problems as a result of several factors, anyone who follows the statistics on the prevalence of mental disorders will know that one out of every 4 people will suffer from a psychological disorder during his/her life, in addition to the fact that one study showed that 54% of Arab youth having difficulty in finding qualified psychotherapists.

These situations and data made me think of a way to help all Arabs around the world to obtain psychological treatment services that help them reach the comfort and psychological stability they deserve.

After deep thinking of the subject, I used the experiences I gathered from the last 10 years of my life from my career as a psychiatrist in Germany, in addition to the experience that I gained during working in “Mawdoo3” the pioneering company, and with the help of experts from the technical and psychological fields; We have created the Arab Therapy website.

In Arab Therapy, we seek to be the first electronic platform for Arabs who are looking for stability and mental and psychological safety, whether for those who suffer from psychological disorders or who wish to develop themselves by learning mental, behavioral, and life skills that help them to control their lives in a better way, as we look forward to facilitating access for anyone to help and psychological support anytime and anywhere.

In Arab Therapy, we are interested in selecting therapists with high experience in their field to ensure the quality of the service we provide, in addition to the importance of privacy, and maintaining the confidentiality of all our subscribers' information, whether it is registration information or all information that shared with the therapist or the customer service team.

We hope to make the impact that we seek, and to serve all Arabs wherever they are in the best possible way so that they can overcome their psychological disorders and be able to live in a better way.

Dr. Tarik Asem | Psychiatrist