Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We are constantly putting a great deal of thought, effort, tools, resources, and procedures in place in order to protect and safeguard your privacy. This document is our “Privacy Policy” and it contains details on issues related to your privacy when using our services. This Privacy Policy applies to visitors to the public websites owned and operated by Arab Therapy LLC, the registered users of ARAB THERAPY’s associated mobile and web applications, and to the therapists that provide the Therapy Services. It is intended to inform you of our policies, procedures, and practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of any information that you provide through the Platform.

The privacy policy is a part of our terms and conditions. If you are using our service you accept and agree to both the Terms and Conditions and to the Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree, stop using the platform immediately. By accessing and using our Platform or providing the therapy Services, as applicable, you affirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and that you understand, agree to, and acknowledge all the terms contained in both of them.

Arab Therapy LLC has the right to change the privacy policy terms from time to time. You must periodically review the Privacy Policy. We do not need to contact you directly or inform you of any changes to our Privacy Policy.

Also, as part of our commitment, we welcome all your feedback through our Contact Us form on any of the policies and conditions listed below.

Information Collection, Use, and Disclosure

To let us operate the Platform effectively and to let you use the Platform, including the Counselor Services, we may collect, use, and store the information described below. The information we collect is received directly or indirectly from you and generated in the course of your use of the Platform. The data we collect is not used for marketing or any other purposes except as specified in this Privacy Policy.

  • Visitor Data: Arab Therapy collects, uses, and stores data regarding user visits to its website and use of the Arab therapy application (“Visitor Data”), including the particular pages visited or viewed by the user, the amount of time the user spent on the website or application, website errors experienced by the user, visits Arab Therapy “FAQ” page, and information about the browser or device used to access the website and application, such as the user’s mobile device ID and IP address. These practices apply to users who visit pages for prospective new customers as well as those who visit pages for prospective Counselors.
  • Transaction Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores certain information regarding payment for its services by users and related transactions on its website, such as whether a user completed payment for Arab Therapy LLC services, join Arab Therapy LLC weekly membership, cancel membership, or resume membership.
  • Account Registration Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores certain information in connection with the account registration process, such as whether users registered using their Facebook or Google profiles, and whether a user verifies their reported email address or phone number.
  • Login Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores data regarding logins to ARAB THERAPY Platform by registered users (including Therapist) and activity conducted during that log in such as when a user logs in, the number of messages received or sent through ARAB THERAPY website or app during that log in, and whether a user has been assigned, started, or completed a Therapy Goal. Login Data does not include the content of any messages sent or received by users or the content of any counseling goals.
  • Therapist Data: In order to credential, re-credential, run checks and pay Therapists, Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores certain data from Therapists. This data includes information such as the Therapist’s name, e-mail address, phone number, address, education, and job history.
  • Communications Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores communications between users and Therapists on the Platform, and communications between users and Arab Therapy’s customer service team.
  • Therapy Session Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores certain general data regarding user Therapy Sessions such as whether a live session has been scheduled by the user, whether a Therapist or user joins a scheduled session, when a Therapy Session began and ended, and whether a Therapy Session was canceled or rescheduled.
  • Client Data: Arab Therapy LLC collects, uses, and stores certain data from users that have signed up for Arab Therapy LLC services such as a user’s self-reported name or nickname, age, e-mail address, phone number, and emergency contact information.

Protecting this information is important for us. Other than in the ways detailed in this Privacy Policy, we will never use or disclose any information unless you requested or approved us to do so.

Purposes for Which Information is Used

We may use the information we collect for one or more of the following purposes:

Communication with you

  • To contact you or provide you with information, alerts and suggestions that are related to the Platform.
  • To verify your identity.
  • To complete an activity you requested, such as register for the Platform or obtain more information.
  • To reach out to you, either ourselves or using the appropriate authorities, if we have a good reason to believe that you or any other person may be in danger or may be either the cause or the victim of a criminal act.

Delivery of services to you

  • To create your account on our Platform and let you log in to your account and use the Platform.
  • To manage your account, provide you with customer support, and ensure you are receiving quality service.
  • When a user subscribes to the platform, we use their phone number to send a one-time verification code to confirm their phone number, verify their identity, and validate the entered number.

For billing and transaction processing purposes.

  • To match users with Counselors and facilitate Counselor Services.
  • To provide, support, personalize, and develop our Platform and the Counselor Services.

Administration and improvement of services

  • To supervise, administer and monitor the Platform.
  • To measure and improve the quality, effectiveness and delivery of our services.

Compliance with the law

To respond to law enforcement requests and as required by applicable law, court order, or governmental regulations.

Other uses with consent

Any other purpose with your consent.


Online identity theft and account hacking, including the practice currently known as “phishing”, are of great concern. You should always be diligent when you are being asked for your account information and you must always make sure you do that in our secure system. We will never request your login information or your credit card information in any non-secure or unsolicited communication (email, phone, or otherwise)

Children’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 13 or knowingly allow such persons to become our user. The Platform is not directed and not intended to be used by children under the age of 13, unless it is under the supervision of their parents for the purpose of obtaining behavioral therapy for children and adolescents.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

We may disclose information necessary or appropriate to protect the safety of the public or any person, to respond to claims and legal processes (including but not limited to subpoenas), and to prevent or stop any activity that may be illegal or dangerous. You should also be aware that Counselors may be obliged to disclose information to law enforcement or other authorities to conform to their professional and legal responsibilities. Specifically, and without limitation, you should be aware that the law requires mental health professionals to disclose information and/or take action in the following cases:

  • reported or suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult
  • serious suicidal potential
  • threatened harm to another person
  • court-ordered presentation of treatment.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, or if you wish to delete your data from our website please contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp icon on our website or through Email: [email protected]