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Are your employees silently struggling?
Help them and witness an increase in their productivity.



of Jordanian employees suffer from either depression or anxiety.

Source : National Center for Mental Health - Jordan


spent on employee mental health returns to the company with a productivity increase of $4

Source : Harvard Business Review


of those in need of mental health services do not seek them.

Source : PWC

Our Offered Service


Online Individual Therapy Sessions

Your employees can book individual therapy sessions with a mental health specialist through the Arab Therapy application, ensuring complete confidentiality.


Quality and group sessions for employees

Your employees can benefit from informative and educational seminars aimed at helping them achieve mental balance without the need for individual consultations with therapists.


Mental Health-Related Reports

At Arab Therapy, we conduct a comprehensive study of the company's employees' mental health status, providing detailed reports to keep the company informed about the overall well-being of its employees while ensuring complete privacy for each participant in the study.

We adhere to the highest global standards in Arabic.

All therapists are trained and supervised by Arab Psychiatrists in Germany. Request a free trial account.

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The fastest-growing online therapy service in the Arab world


5 languages


active and licensed therapists


individuals receiving therapy sessions



Arab Therapy vs. traditional in-office


Flexibility to conduct sessions inside or outside working hours.


Ability to have sessions from any location with high privacy.


Reduced social stigma.


A specialized support team is available around the clock.


Easy ability to change the therapist.

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Institutions feedbacks about "Arab Therapy"

  • Dina Jibril | Director of Business Operations

    Oxfam | Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territories

    Dina Jibril | Director of Business Operations

    star star star star star

    In the context of my work, I have heard that employees are skeptical about post-traumatic therapy and psychological and social support, especially within the framework of online therapy. With Arab Therapy, even though we are in the middle of our partnership with them, I see a shift in beliefs about this type of treatment. Thanks to Arab Therapy.

  • Ola Al- Zebdeh l Senior HR


    Ola Al- Zebdeh l Senior HR

    star star star star star

    I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in yesterday’s emotional intelligence workshop. It was an enlightening and beneficial session. I am pleased to provide feedback for your website and I am comfortable with including my name, title, and organization.
    Thank you once again, and I look forward to future sessions.

  • Miral Al- Haj l Business Analyst/ Human Resources


    Miral Al- Haj l Business Analyst/ Human Resources

    star star star star star

    I found the emotional intelligence session to be extremely insightful and valuable. Dr. Tareq’s knowledge and engaging presentation style made complex concepts easy to understand and apply. It focused on self-awareness, motivation, empathy and social skills. I would definitely recommend others to attend these sessions

  • Ismael Alza'atreh l HR Analyst


    Ismael Alza'atreh l HR Analyst

    star star star star star

    Thank you all. you brought something new to us. Great work, everyone

  • Raya Tarawneh l HR Analyst


    Raya Tarawneh l HR Analyst

    star star star star star

    A training session on emotional intelligence at Arab Therapy really caught my attention. The presenter provided many useful insights and was extremely knowledgeable. I especially enjoyed the interactive aspects of the session, which made it more engaging and enjoyable. I left with a better understanding of emotional intelligence.

  • Jamila Awwad l HR & Admin Manager

    IMKAN Construction

    Jamila Awwad l HR & Admin Manager

    star star star star star

    I recently attended an excellent HR workshop led by Dr. Tariq Dalbah from Arab Therapy. It focused on essential skills like developing emotional intelligence, resolving employee conflicts, and managing challenging staff dynamics.
    The workshop emphasized the well-being of HR professionals, providing strategies to manage stress and improve both professional capabilities and personal welfare. This holistic approach ensures we can support others while maintaining our own mental health.
    Overall, the workshop offered valuable insights and practical strategies, positively impacting our ability to create a harmonious and productive workplace. I highly recommend this workshop for HR professionals looking to enhance their skills and better support their teams

It is a platform aimed at providing Arabs worldwide with high-quality mental health services by offering convenient and easy online psychotherapy. It is provided by highly qualified mental health therapists who are trained and supervised by Arab psychiatrists and consultants in Germany.

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