Somaya Shaweesh

Somaya Shaweesh

A psychologist specializing in treating most psychological disorders




Bio of the therapist

Specialist in the treatment of psychological issues, including depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, relationship problems, and low self-esteem. Also skilled in family counseling for both nuclear and alternative families, as well as those lacking family support. Provides career counseling and behavior modification for children, teenagers, and adults.

Educational Qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in Counseling and Mental Health - University of Jordan.

Master's degree in Psychological and Educational Counseling - University of Jordan.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychological and Educational Counseling at the University of Jordan.

Professional Experience:

Educational counselor at Al-Jandawil Model School.

Educational counselor and supervisor of the Creative Education Program at Jordanian-Turkish Schools Al-Burj.

Psychologist and social worker at Dar Al-Kazem Foundation.

Free lancer Psychologist.

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