Dr.Farhan Alnuwairan

Dr.Farhan Alnuwairan

Practicing certificate from the Jordanian Ministry of Health in psychotherapy, Specialized in mental disorders, children and adolescent disorders, reducing aggressive behavior, and self-esteem problems.




Bio of the therapist

Specializing in the treatment of various psychological disorders, including depression in its various forms, anxiety, psychological traumas, obsessive-compulsive disorders, various phobias, eating and sleep disorders, addiction, and couple therapy.

Educational Qualifications:

Ph.D. in Psychological Counseling - University of Jordan.

Master's degree in Psychological Counseling - University of Jordan.

Bachelor's degree in Counseling and Mental Health - University of Jordan.

Licensed Practitioner - Jordanian Ministry of Health.

Professional Experience:

Psychologist - University of Dammam.

Psychologist - United Arab Emirates.

Psychological counselor and supervisor of counselors.

Appreciation Certificates:

Appreciation certificate for the Family Counseling Program, Al-Ashmia University.

Appreciation certificate in psychological assessment of clients - University of Dammam.

Certificate of appreciation for a basic training course in behavior modification.

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